example breaks in 0.54

The call to tick_right() seems to produce different

    > behaviour in 0.54. Instead of moving the tick labels to
    > the right of the plot, it instead now moves the labels to
    > just inside the left side of the plot. This it to the
    > right of where they were, but not nearly as useful as the
    > original behaviour. :slight_smile:

    > See the attached screenshot generated from

Hi Matthew, these are my favorite bug fixes - just a single character
change! In matplotlib.axis.YAxis._get_text2 (on or around line 311),

        t = Text(x=0, y=loc,


        t = Text(x=1, y=loc,

Should cure what ails you.

    > Otherwise, congratulations on another excellent
    > matplotlib release!

Thanks! Not without a few roadbumps along the way....