Two projects possibly of interest


I stumbled upon these two projects which may be of interest to some in mpl land:

- perceptual image diff:

I have no idea if this works well or not, but if it does, it could be
useful for regression testing of mpl, something which has been sorely
missing and normally involves running the test driver, looking for
errors and possibly inspecting plots by hand (or by eye, as it were).
I think that mpl would greatly benefit from some form of automatic

- Graphite:

Python based real-time graphs from large/high rate data sets. Every
now and then we get posts here asking about doing plots of high
throughput data, a task for which mpl isn't always ideally suited.
This might be a good alternative in some cases. I'm sure it doesn't
do any of the sophisticated/scientific plotting many of us need mpl
for, but for some use cases it may be a good tool.