two plots when I only want one

I have installed matplotlib and tried to set up an automatic system to plot

  > quotes for the funds I own. The data is retrieved from the same source
  > (Yahoo finance) and is formated in the same way. But for one of the plots,
  > I get two lines - and I cant figure out why.

  > The graphs can be seen at :

  > All seem fine, except the one in the top righthand corner. (Skagen Kontiki).

  > I could post some data and the code if it would help. I seem to be at a
  > complete loss as to why this is happening.

My guess is either that you used the same subplot twice, used the
plot(x1,y1,x2,y2) form of plot, or failed to call clf (clear figure)
between issuing two different plot/savefig calls in the same script.

Definitely, post some code.


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