turn off decade ticks in log plots?

I'm also a little unclear as to what Richard wants to do, but if you
want to turn off the minor ticks, your approach is correct. You just
need to make sure you set the minor locator *after* the call to

There is an easier way, however. The kwargs subsy is a sequence of
locations where you want the minor ticks (eg 1,2,5) for base-10.
You can set this list to be empty to turn off all the minor ticks

  In [3]: semilogy(x,y,subsy=)



On Friday 14 July 2006 11:25, Richard Albright wrote:

    >> from pylab import * x=(1,2,3,4,5) y=(13, 22,19,26,32)
    >> set_major_locator(NullLocator())
    >> set_major_formatter(NullFormatter()) semilogy(x,y) show()

    > Have you tried that ?
    > gca().yaxis.set_minor_locator(NullLocator()) Or maybe I don't
    > understand what you're trying to do...

There is an easier way, however.

That's what I like in matplotlib: no matter how hard you try, there's always a
simpler solution you're not yet aware of...