trying to change the x axis to use times

I have used the plot function before to plot points for over a year lets say, now I have to write something that makes a plot with the current time of the day on the x-axis. The data I am getting is all in military time, so it starts at 0700 and ends at 2200. The data points are all in 15 minute increments, so it goes 0700, 0715, 0730, 0745 etc.

I am having trouble using the multiple locator in this case. I can't simply use 15, there would be a created gap in the graph. For example, if I do a bar graph with bar(), i would see my data points and then big gaps.

So my question is, how can I have my X axis go in 15 minute increments stopping at 59? ie, minutes in an hour only go from 0 to 59? I would like to make a bar graph with 15 minute intervals, and also a plot graph with 15 minute intervals.

Thanks much,

I'd guess you'll want to plot against times converted using
the datetime module
and then place your time strings as ticks.

Alan Isaac