trouble with rcParams

Jeff Peery <jeffpeery@...9...> writes:

I am having some confusion about how best to set my plot settings.
Should I use rcParams, or carry around my own class object holding
plot() and scatter() settings?

IMHO modifying rcParams is not a good way to use the object-oriented
interface. It can be very useful for interactive plotting using the
(state-machine) pylab interface, but such non-explicit state can make
an object-oriented program difficult to follow. Of course rcParams is
needed for things like selecting fonts.

1) from what I read, I expected a rcParams value to keep if I closed
my app then reopened it. But it went back to some default... maybe the
matplotlibrc file? are these things separate?

rcParams is initialized from the matplotlibrc file.

2) when I changed the rcParams for my line style (for example) ALL
line styles changed not just the lines in plot().

If you want more detailed control, I think you have to use the keyword
arguments (or set the equivalent properties on the line objects).

3) I didn't see a rcParams object for the scatter() parameters,
markers size, style, color, linewidth etc. Is this possible?

I think the patch.* parameters affect the markers created by


Jouni K. Sepp�nen