Trouble saving plots to file with 0.53.1

Sajec,> Hello, I recently installed version 0.53.1, and it's
    Sajec,> great! The only problem is that I'm unable to save plots
    Sajec,> to file. I've tried a few different approaches (from
    Sajec,> displayed WXAgg, and GTK plots as well as running
    Sajec,> savefig() on undisplayed figures (png & jpg), but have had
    Sajec,> no luck. Any help is much appreciated.

This is something I haven't seen before.

What platform are you on: windows, linux, os x?

I recommend the following

  * make sure your hard drive isn't full

  * open up a shell and change into a directory you have write
    permission to and make sure you can write a file to that dir

  * create the following test script

from matplotlib.matlab import *

  * run this from the shell with

python -dAgg

  * see if the file testfig.png is created

  * if so, figure out what is different about what you are doing and
    what the test script is doing

  * if not, did you get any error messages to the screen?