traits2 basic usage example

Wow, that makes life much easier! I'll get started on

    > re-porting the new style config library to use your
    > modified Traits2.

As I mentioned, I've been talking with the enthought folks about where
traits should live in matplotlib, and they suggested
matplotlib.enthought.traits, because

* it's important to have traits live inside of an enthought directory
   because enthought.traits import statements are widely used in their
   UI code, and this will help us keep our code in sync with theirs.

* because we have a stripped down version missing
   lots-o-functionality, it shouldn't go into site-packages/enthought
   because that will screw up folks who have a regular enthought

So I added the core enthought traits tree (minus UI) to CVS -- once
the mirrors update (tick, tock, tick, tock), you can do

  from matplotlib.enthought.traits import HasTraits, etc.

Dave Morrill is working on a null UI (like backend_template), so that
we can develop UI functionality if we want to but it will only work on
some backends (currently WX). The other backends can fall back on the
null UI. Michel Sanner has expressed some interest in having his
group repair the currently defunct Tk traits backend. Now if we can
just get Steve to do GTK, Gregory to do FLTK and Ted and friends to do
QT, we could have a very nice way to manipulate plot attributes and rc
configuration through the GUI. But that is a story for another