toolbar issues

It is attached. There are two comments-questions in the

    > patch, please delete them after reading. And at the end
    > of this patched legend() method there is a line handles =
    > flatten(handles) If handles are not already flat, I think
    > something may go wrong earlier in this method (?).

As for the flatten stuff, all I can say is it involves how flatten
works in the presence of generators (the plot code ultimately uses a
generator when building a list of lines) and John Gill and I worked
pretty hard to make this robust and correct at the legend sprint at
pycon. In the absence of a specific use case that breaks legend, I'm
assuming this code is correct.

    > Thanks for explaination. I guessed it works like this
    > after finding what 'hold' is in Matlab. I just meant to
    > say that such explaination could be helpful in mpl
    > documentation.


    > Yes, I've seen all the examples and they are very
    > useful. However wxPython demo is more useful than just a
    > set of examples: examples are grouped in categories, every
    > example has a detailed documentation about introduced
    > features. From wx demo overview:

Yes, this would be useful. Any documentation you would like to add as
header strings to the examples will be most welcome!