to plot a pixmap in a plot

Jean-Baptiste> If on top of that I could use the pixmap as a
    Jean-Baptiste> background of other plot, (plot (pixmap, x,y) it
    Jean-Baptiste> would be even better

    Jean-Baptiste> Any idea on how this could be done ?

Yes, this should be fairly easy to implement, since all the drawing
commands draw to a gtk.gdk.Drawable, of which pixmap is a derived
class. When I make the hardcopy (png or tiff) I am already using a
blank pixmap as the background, so it should be fairly easy to add a
command to the Figure API, which is set_background_pixmap, and then
allow you to plot on top of it (or just use the pixmap alone). I will
take at look at this and get back to you.

Thanks for the suggestion,
John Hunter

How hard would it be to add pie charts? Or have I missed them??
How would one do this? Patches?
        Or: how many coffees to sponsor it?


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