tkagg problem: no module named _tkagg


    > I'm using darwinports to install matplotlib with the tkagg
    > backend on a Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.2.

    > I've come across a problem in that when I run the
    > script (see below) from the matplotlib
    > screeenshots page, I get the following error:

    > "ImportError: No module named _tkagg". (for detailed output
    > see below).

    > Does any one have any insight?

matplotlib has multiple "backends", eg for the different GUI toolkits
it works with. It looks like your particular darwin ports version
wasn't compiled with support for the tkagg backend, although this
appears to be the default for you installation.

I suggest not using darwin ports and using the pythonmac or macenthon
extensions instead.

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