tickmark font and placement question

Laziness :wink: Thanks, I just needed to know if there is

    > something I might have overlooked. I just couldn't think
    > of a case where you would want to change the tick label
    > size on an individual basis, so I thought there would be a
    > method in "axes.xaxis/axes.yaxis" to do this to the whole
    > list.

    > Is this something which could be added to the Formatter
    > classes, or maybe a Styler Class to change Font properties
    > and colors.

You can change the default tick label size by setting an rc
configuration parameter -- http://matplotlib.sf.net/matplotlibrc. See
the properties

  xtick.major.size : 4 # major tick size in points
  xtick.minor.size : 2 # minor tick size in points
  xtick.major.pad : 4 # distance to major tick label in points
  xtick.minor.pad : 4 # distance to the minor tick label in points
  xtick.color : k # color of the tick labels
  xtick.labelsize : 12 # fontsize of the tick labels
  xtick.direction : in # direction: in or out

and ditto for yaxis. Also, if you like to save typing, you can use
the setp functionality to set multiple properties for multiple objects
w/o changing the defaults

  setp(ax.get_xticklabels(), fontsize=12, color='red')