tick-marks feature request

Hi All,

My research group submitted a paper for publication in a journal, and one of the requested changes was having the tick-marks formatted like $1x10^{-4}$ (for the latex-ers out there) rather than 1e-4, which was considered an unnecessary use of mathematical jargon. I wasn't the lead author on this particular paper, and therefore the plots were not created using Python and MPL. But I think this is a pretty standard formatting requirement in the scientific community. Would the creators of Matplotlib consider an option to format the ticks like this (does this capability exist and I havent found it yet)?

In Matlab, when the tick labels require scientific notation, only the decimal component is listed in each tick label, and the exponential part is printed at the end of the axis. In Igor, the exponential part can be included in the y-axis label. Finally, one problem with formatting tick labels is how to deal with data spanning small ranges, but with large offsets, like array(range(10))+1e10. Maybe there is an interest in removing the offset from each tick label, and including it elsewhere in the figure? Then again, maybe that's getting too complicated.

Is this attractive to the Matplotlib Gurus and Users? If so, is it something I could work on, or would it be best left to the masters?