tick colors

  Can anyone help me to figure out how to get tick colors

    > to be anything other than black?

    > I am trying to produce a plot with a gray background
    > and red axes and tick lines. My code to do this is as
    > follows:

    > plot1 = subplot(111,axisbg='#444444')
    > plot1.plot(xarr,y1arr,'bo',xarr,y2arr,'r^',xarr,y3arr,'gs')
    > set(plot1.get_xticklabels(), 'color', 'r', fontsize=18)
    > set(plot1.get_yticklabels(), 'color', 'r', fontsize=18)
    > set(plot1.get_ygridlines(), 'color', 'w', linewidth=2)
    > set(plot1.get_xgridlines(),visible=False)
    > set(plot1.get_yticklines(),color='r', linewidth=2)

    > xlabel('r (Kilometers)',color='y',fontsize=20)
    > ylabel('Luminosity (foes/s)',color='y',fontsize=20)

    > I have tried numerous tricks to get the ticklines to be
    > anything other than black with no success. Any help
    > would be greatly appreciated.

You have the right approach, but there is a subtly that is tripping
you up. It took me a good 5 minutes to figure out why your approach
wasn't working. matplotlib.lines.Line2D objects can have both a
linestyle and a marker. Hence the command

  plot(x, y, '-o', color='red', mfc='blue', mec='g')

creates a *single* Line2D object which renders as a solid red line
with the x,y vertices marked by circles with a blue markerfacecolor
and a green markeredgecolor (mfc and mec are aliases)

The trick you are missing is that the tick lines are *markers* (their
marker symbols are an enum in matplotlib.lines: TICKLEFT, TICKRIGHT,

To set the color or tick markers, you need to set the markeredgecolor

setp(ax.get_xticklines() + ax.get_yticklines() , mec='red')

A bit non-intuitive, admittedly, but it does work.