tick and axis label hiding

Hi all,

    > I'm seeing some unexpected behavior when trying to hide a
    > tick label, which I like to do with ganged plots. When I
    > attempt this, however, it seems the axis label is no
    > longer drawn. For example,

    > x = arange(5) ax = subplot(111) ax.plot(x, x) xtl =
    > ax.get_xticklabels() xtl[0].set_visible(False)
    > ax.set_xlabel('foo')

    > will correctly not draw the leftmost x tick label, but it
    > won't draw the axis label ('foo') either. Subsequently
    > issuing ax.get_xaxis ().get_label().set_visible(True)
    > doesn't help. Any thoughts?

I just fixed this in svn -- the xlabel gets it's position by
examining the bounding boxes of all the tick labels, and wasn't
handling the invisible tick bounding box properly. This is fixed in

Thanks for the report and example.