Thoughts about callbacks


> I've spent a few hours this weekend doing some meta-monkey-patching--
> using __getattribute__ to decorate the setters on-the-fly to invoke
> callbacks.process(*args) after the changes. � I have a few more quick
> hacks to try before I'm ready to decide on a production-ready strategy.
> So my question today is: is anyone interested in discussing these
> ideas and how to implement them?

I'm interested. I was just noticing a need for the signals to simplify
some interactive stuff I was doing. I'm not wild about using the
current incarnation of the CallbackRegistry, since it doesn't allow
you to add signals after you create the object. Also, there are only
global signals, you can't connect to a specific object (unless you
were planning on each object having its own registry?). When I was
considering this yesterday, I was looking at these:

Also, had you given any thought to using decorators to note methods
that emit a certain signal, or to connect one method to a given

I've gone through the same thought process. I do plan to add a
CallbackRegistry.add_signals method; I am giving each instance
it's own registry instance (axes.Axes already does this); and I
am using decorators.


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