This is just so perfect! (was: Re: SVG vs PNG)

This is simply too good to be true. I played with manupulating MPL plots using Inkscape and man, somebody ought to include this in the MPL FAQ. I can move everything around by elements, touch-up or remove things I don't want, scale it, rotate it, you name it.

And then I can save the file in .eps and include into Office - and I don't loose any quality.


Here's what I learned:

a) Create the plot under MPL, saving the file in .svg format, and use the figsize argument to figure to create a plot of the proper size

b) Use Inkscape to open the .svg file and manupulate it. Save in .eps format.

c) Import the .eps file into Office.

d) Be happy and become famous and rich. (not)

Thanks again for all of the suggestions and tips.



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Bingo! My prayer appears to have been answered.

inkscape has no trouble reading the .svg files created by
MPL, and Word has no trouble reading the .eps files created
by inkscape. So, at least I can use it to preserve the
vectors. Too bad inkscape doesn't read .eps directly
(complaining...complaining....) :=)

inkscape treats everything as objects and allows you to
ungroup the plots into elements and then you can play with
each of the elements individually. When I am done, I can
then insert into Word. Too bad it doesn't allow me to paste
the objects directly over to Windows but I am not complaining.

Thanks, Fernando.

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> > Thanks everybody for the explanation of svg in Gimp. That makes
> > sense. Is there any vector based program that does what
Gimp does?
> Try inkscape. I've used it successfully for simple things,
> though I've never tried to handle a MPL SVG file with it.
> cheers,
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John Henry

John Henry