texts & encoding

Jean-Michel> Hi, I'm new to matplotlib which is really good job
    Jean-Michel> :wink: and I'm currently fighting against character
    Jean-Michel> encodings :-(. Being working under win2k/western
    Jean-Michel> Europe, I finally found on the web that using a cp850
    Jean-Michel> source encoding definition was working with 'print'
    Jean-Michel> only if you also encode your strings from cp1252!
    Jean-Michel> (for us/en users: windows uses cp1252 but the console
    Jean-Michel> uses cp850, this message was written using
    Jean-Michel> iso-8859-1). Example:

Hi Jean-Michel,

I spoke with with Paul Barrett (who wrote the font manager and has
done a lot of work with fonts/text) about your problem and neither he
nor I have any immediate insight into your problem, so I just wanted
to let you know that we'll look into it and see if we can improve
international / unicode support, but it may be a little while before
we can solve this problem.

Thanks for letting us know.