Textbox widget doesn't work on one of my windows pc

I have a few pc on windows. I have project with textbox widget and it works fine only on one of my pc. I decided to try simple tutorial and it still works fine only on one pc. The problem is that i can’t change the texfield at all in one computer on windows 10.
I use matplotlib 3.5.1 also have restarted computer. The code is absolutely identical to the tutorial and it behaves differently without any errors. The other computers on windows 10 and 11 and it works fine

Hi daniilv!
Did you resolve your problem ?
I have the same problem:
No pressed key is detected, both in TextBox widget and with the mpl_connect(‘key_***_event’,func).

Which gui backend? My first guess is that something is wrong with routing the events from the outer UI → Matplotlib’s event handling code.

I manage to resolve the problem. I find that matplotlib use the tk backend instead of qt. I change the backend used with mpl.rcParams['backend']='qt5agg' and everything runs fine.