text bbox, postscript formatting problem

I have a little more information. When I set ps.useafm

    > =True in .matplotlibrc, eps output looks good, there is no
    > mismatch between the bboxes and the text. I'm guessing
    > the bug may be in either backend_ps.encodeTTFasPS, or
    > somewhere in ft2font.h. Unfortunately, I have zarro
    > experience with C++, so I'm having a hard time
    > interpretting ft2font.

    > If anyone can offer advice, I am a little desperate. Half
    > of my plots are logscale, so I need to fix this in order
    > to generate figures for my thesis. Is there anywhere I
    > can look to learn the basics of dealing with fonts at this
    > level? Any recommendations on C++ crash courses?

I don't think the bug is in ft2font for the simple reason that the
same ft2font code is being used to do the agg layout and the ps
layout (and agg is pretty close to right). It could be that we are
not setting the dpi and fontsize in backend ps, it could be that we
are not setting some scale parameter when we embed the fonts in ps,
I'm not sure. Did you get a chance to send a figure to the printer