Text backgroundcolor and edgecolor


I found strange behavior in matplotlib.text.Text. set_backgroundcolor(self, color) allows to init text background and edge colors but we can only alter backgroundcolor.

# line 728
def set_backgroundcolor(self, color):
         Set the background color of the text by updating the bbox.

         .. seealso::

                To change the position of the bounding box.

         ACCEPTS: any matplotlib color
         if self._bbox is None:
             self._bbox = dict(facecolor=color, edgecolor=color)

I think the last line might be like :
self._bbox.update(dict(facecolor=color, edgecolor=color))

I notice it because I use a dark background for axis and texts but I replace it by a white one when I print figure. With current code, it remains a dark border arround my texts.