TeX in xlabel ?

Dear John

Perhaps others can give input here about what would be the best way to
proceed. My inclination is to use the TeX names like \"a where
possible, but by all means add them if you have them - getting the
codes is the relatively tedious part, providing the proper interface
to them can be worked out later. It may require some changes to the
parser to support \"a and friends, but this is no problem.

I will take that script (and use the output of the ttx fonttool as well)
to estimate the glyph ids for each latex symbol. This will take
a week or so. If it is not possible to reach the charmap values
by get_charmap for the belleek fonts one could use an additional
dict with the charmaps values.

Now, on to the "mostly working" part of the font_table script, which
is why I CCd Paul on this email. The font_table script is working on
the um*.ttf fonts but failing on the bl*.ttf fonts. The reason it is
failing is that FT2Font::get_charmap is returning an empty dict.
These fonts are not empty, eg ft2font reports 1 face, 2 charmaps, and
124 glyphs for blsy.ttf, but get_charmap is returning empty, because
the call to

  FT_ULong code = FT_Get_First_Char(face, &index);

is returning 0 for code and index.

Any ideas?


Maybe because this fonts use charmaps values beyond 0x20:
<cmap_format_4 platformID="3" platEncID="0" version="0">
   <map code="0x1" name="Delta"/><!-- &lt;control> -->
   <map code="0x2" name="Theta"/><!-- &lt;control> -->
   <map code="0x3" name="Lambda"/><!-- &lt;control> -->

A cmap value for 0x0 is missing:
   <map code="0x0" name=".null"/> (um fonts)

But this is just a wild guess.




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