TeX in xlabel ?

    > Any thoughts to use Richard Kinchs Universal Modern fonts as
    > well as the bellek fonts on his site (www.truetex.com)
    > instead of the bakoma fonts? It seems that um and bellek are
    > free to use and redistributable. This is not the case for
    > bakoma in commercial use. The quality of the fonts are
    > excellent. Umlauts and more special signs are included
    > compared to bakoma. The charnums are different however and
    > not included on mozillas encoding page.

I would be very happy to support these fonts, especially if someone
(you, perhaps) provided the dictionary mapping tex symbol names to
name/charnum, as in the latex_to_bakoma dictionary in
matplotlib._mathtext_data. The rest is easy, and I could provide an
rc param allowing you to select which fonts to include.



I would like to try this. Due to time constraints, it may take some
time. As far as I understand I have to use the GlyphIDs as well as
the map code from cmap_format_4 to create a latex_to_umbelleek
dictionary. Any hints from font experts are appreciated.

I would like to add codes for accented chars: r'�': ('umr10', <code>)
Should _mathtext_data.py contain a encoding line, i.e.
# -*- coding: latin1 -*-
to allow non-Ascii chars?




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