TeX in xlabel ?

Any thoughts to use Richard Kinchs Universal Modern fonts as

    > well as the bellek fonts on his site (www.truetex.com)
    > instead of the bakoma fonts? It seems that um and bellek are
    > free to use and redistributable. This is not the case for
    > bakoma in commercial use. The quality of the fonts are
    > excellent. Umlauts and more special signs are included
    > compared to bakoma. The charnums are different however and
    > not included on mozillas encoding page.

I would be very happy to support these fonts, especially if someone
(you, perhaps) provided the dictionary mapping tex symbol names to
name/charnum, as in the latex_to_bakoma dictionary in
matplotlib._mathtext_data. The rest is easy, and I could provide an
rc param allowing you to select which fonts to include.

We ought to expose the glyph names through FT_Get_Glyph_Name in the
ft2font module to facilitate this kind of thing.... I notice that,
for example, blex.ttf uses names like

    ceilingleftbigg ceilingrightbigg braceleftbigg bracerightbigg
    angbracketleftbigg angbracketrightbigg slashbigg backslashbigg

which would make it fairly easy to do the mapping.

Since the bakoma fonts are the only things in the matplotlib distro
restricted for free, noncommercial use, this would be a nice addition.
If we later decide to go with a mathml/unicode representation
internally, it would be trivial to automatically convert the existing
dictionaries in _mathtext_data.