TeX in xlabel ?

Then we could use any of the fonts (Wolfram, Design Science, Symbol,
AMS, Bakoma) at http://www.mozilla.org/projects/mathml/fonts/encoding
for matplotlib mathtext, since the mapping from mathml/unicode to
fontname/charnum already exists on pages like
http://www.mozilla.org/projects/mathml/fonts/encoding/cmr.html, and is
easily parsed (I already did this when I was working on PS mathtext
with type1 fonts before Paul had the bright idea of just embedding the
truetype fonts in the ps document and reusing what we already had.

Any thoughts to use Richard Kinchs Universal Modern fonts as well
as the bellek fonts on his site (www.truetex.com) instead of
the bakoma fonts? It seems that um and bellek are free to use and
redistributable. This is not the case for bakoma in commercial use.
The quality of the fonts are excellent. Umlauts and more special
signs are included compared to bakoma. The charnums are different
however and not included on mozillas encoding page.


Carl-M Kleffner


In summary, it would be nice to be able to readily go from tex name
<-> mathml/unicode name <-> fontname/charnum in a variety of files,
including at a minimum the bakoma ttf and the corresponding tfm files.
Got some images to process today <wink>

Does this sound like the right approach to you?


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