Ternary or triangle plots


I'm attaching two demo plots of a class that creates ternary or

triangle plots. I’ve done the best I can, but I don’t think the
code is ready for prime time. I think it needs help from an expert
on matplotlib projections. I’ve created a branch with the
ternary.py file:




Paris (U.E.), le 21/09/2011


	I have been working in my infinitesimally small spare time for the last few months on triangle plots. Attached bellow are a few output examples (bulky because I chose the Tiff format for “historical” reasons). I still have quite a few variations I want to code (and perhaps an article to write dealing with triangle plots and some densities). I have not made anything public yet (bad habit, I know…), but it would be a shame if we duplicated work. Would you be interested in merging our work?

Hubert Holin

test_baseline_trigridcontour.tif (1.37 MB)

test_baseline_trigridscatter.tif (1.37 MB)