Table and blume


I just wanted to give an update on where I am with the table code.

I've been away from the code much of the last month.

I've started a project which has my
preferred version of the table code.

It's got basic instructions on how to use and then a bunch of questions of
where to go from here. The docs folder has some history.

I'm at the point now where I think you have better behaviour for most of
the known issues, but with some potential impact on users.

Those that just use the table function and don't probe into the insides
will likely only notice more legible tables.

It would be good to think about the end goal here, as that has some bearing
on how blume should proceed.

I've not got too much further forward beyond a bunch of thinking on what
belongs where and how to get there. And also I've been spending some time
in my karma pi project looking for other pieces that are in the wrong

Primarily, it would be good to give everyone access to a better table, just
a question of how to get there and are there any precedents for splitting
stuff into side projects?

Once we have a plan I'll tidy up the issues on github accordingly and work
to move the plan along.

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