switch to subversion repository

Great! I'm unable to do it myself (I lack admin rights),

I updated your permissions -- you are now fully enabled -- and
submitted a migration request just using the default options.

Once the migration is complete, you can do your proposed
reorganization and then let us know what we've got :slight_smile:

    > I propose the following structure, which we could
    > implement as the first commits of the subversion
    > repository once the CVS data is installed.

    > matplotlib/ (top level) branches/ (empty for now) trunk/
    > setup.py lib/ (and so on)

    > This will make life easier down the track when we want to
    > make branches and will allow checkouts of just the trunk
    > with: svn co
    > matplotlib download | SourceForge.net
    > matplotlib

How will this affect the other top level packages, eg