svg fonts and mathtext

Paul Kienzle wrote:
> It looks the same as the version without embedded fonts, which is that it
> chooses some incorrect default font with the wrong character codes as I
> showed earlier.

That's very surprising, since when the characters are embedded, there's
no notion of characters (<text> elements) in the file at all -- it just
uses references to paths in the file that have non-meaningful names like

Too many variations --- yes embedded fonts work fine on Adobe SVGViewer.

>> Do you know if the SVG output from Cairo works with Adobe? They use a
>> similar (but not identical) approach to embedding the character outlines.
> I'm not set up to run Cairo, but I can check if someone sends me an svg.

Attached (gzipped).

The mathtext comes through in red on Safari, Adobe and Firefox.
Is this intended?

  - Paul


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