suggestions/thoughts for 3d versions of

Hello all,

I have started to take seriously a refactor of mplot3d. It won’t be something done overnight or anything, but I want to do it piece-meal. The first step will be to create some 3d versions of the various 2d transform classes in I am not a Transforms guru, so I would greatly appreciate any input from those who really understand its architecture.

For example, should my 3D transform classes be derived from their 2d counter-parts, or should it be a separate branch off of the base classes? Another thought I have had is that I would like to be able to mix-in existing transforms and scales to create a new transform (similar to blendedtransforms). For example, a CylinderTransform could be created by mixing in the Polar transform with a regular linear scale. Another example would be to take a geo transform and add a log scale for its z-axis (this would be a nice prospect for graphing meteorological data with basemap).

So, Transforms gurus, what do you suggest? Are there existing attempts to create 3D transforms that I can learn from? What about the prospect of incompatibilities with 2D transforms?

Ben Root