suggestion for Example plots

I have always felt that it would be useful to have

    > available a collection of plots corresponding to the code
    > in the examples file as part of the distribution. (for
    > those examples that generate plots, of course) The plot
    > names would be the same as the example code that generated
    > them. It could be in an economical format (png?) so as to
    > not take up a lot of space. For my own part, I tend to be
    > lazy and would like a way to peruse the new capabilities
    > before I decide to install the new release or wait for the
    > next. This would also provide a complete gallery to help
    > those considering adoption. It would also provide a
    > verification for persons testing a new install that this is
    > what the results of running the examples should be.

The script examples/ does just this -- it runs a
most of the examples and generates output in a variety of formats
(PNG, PS, SVG). I usually tun this before releases and load all the
images into a viewer to check for bugs. We could add these generated
images to a web page...., but sourceforge is already complaining that
I am over my quota. Apparently, I can ask for more space, though.