Suggestion: better behaviour when saving files from GTK plot window

Hi all,

I'd like to suggest an improvement to the plot window when used from
GTK. I'm using Matplotlib 0.87.5, so perhaps this has already been
fixed, not sure.

The issue is a small thing with usability when saving files of different
types. I most often save my plots as EPS or PNG files but sometimes
SVG. The issue is that the default file type is "PNG", and the save
window doesn't make any correct to that default, even if I type

I think that the best behaviour would be

    * if I type a (valid) file extension, use that as the file type
    * if I don't type any file extension, use the selected one (and
      default to PNG)
    * if I type and extension and then change the filetype dropdown, the
      extension I typed should be changed to match the selected filetype.

If someone could point me at the relevant bit of code I could have a go
at doing it myself, else I'd be happy to test it or whatever.



John Pye
Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia