Stumped trying to find basic info

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I’ve had some luck using Google also to find such things, either official documentation or a posting about it on a group or such. E.g., searching the terms “matplotlib” and “colors”, gave as the first hit:

And that should help on colors. For example, you can put:

plot(x,y, ‘go’,markersize=9’)

for green (g=green) circles (o=circle). Or you could put it as

plot(x,y, ‘>’, color=‘chartreuse’, markersize=9)

for chartreuse triangles (>) facing to the right. The options for different types of markers is found here
(Search the page for “the marker can be one of” you’ll see some choices below it.)

…as well as under the table for “Line Properties” in the Tutorial. Unfortunately some of the useful links on that Tutorial page, like to “plot” and “color”, appear to be broken.

But where are these pages generally? They’re under the Class Library link under documentation. If you look through the classes there maybe that will help?

There’s probably a better way to know this stuff. Anybody have recommendations?

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On 4/5/07, Grant Edwards < grante@…1551…> wrote:

I’ve just started using matplotlib, and I’m stumped on where to

find basic info. I’ve search the users guide, tutorial, and
FAQ, and I can’t find things as simple as a list of what the
color specifiers are. I’ve figured out that ‘r’ is red, ‘k’ is

black, but I can’t figure out where stuff like that is

Likewise for line-style.

Where is the basic usage info at?

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