Strange import error


thanks for the suggestion. They do have multiple versions but I checked
that everything is using 2.5


Ken Dere

Rune V. Sjøen wrote:



Does the box have multiple python versions installed, and are you sure
that apache is using the
same version and/or site packages as when you run it from the command line

Rune V. Sjøen

On Fri, Mar 26, 2010 at 8:07 PM, Ken Dere > <kpdere@...2440...> wrote:


I am trying to import pylab into an application running under an Apache
server. The error I get is that if it tries to import matplotlib.cbook.
The application can import numpy, scipy etc just fine.

the error message is that matplotlib has no module cbook.

I can import matplotlib OK but if a do a dir(matplolib) it does indeed
not include cbook.

If I try to import pylab from the command line it works fine and
is found.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

K. Dere


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