Strange FigureCanvasWxAgg event behavior in Matplotlib 1.1.0 and wxPython

I initially asked this question in the wxPython-users mailing-list (, but I figured Matplotlib-users would be a good place to ask in too.

I am using Matplotlib 1.1.0 in wxPython through FigureCanvasWxAgg on a Mac. This has always worked well, but now I’ve run into an annoying issue. In the attached script, before using the right click menu, any clicks outside the top pane won’t trigger a Matplotlib event. However after any of the right click menu items have been clicked, the canvas seems to expand to the whole window and not only the top pane.

First of all, am I doing something wrong? If not, is this a Matplotlib or wxPython issue?

FYI on a XP machine running wxPython and Matplotlib 1.0.1 it works just fine. (2.44 KB)