strange behaviour with sankey diagram (maybe a bug)

martedì 22 maggio 2012, 18:33, Kevin Davies:

Hi Giovanni,
Do the labels still overlap to the same extent? As far is the Sankey
code is concerned, the "center" is the center of the rectangle from
which the paths diverge. That isn't necessarily the center of the
bounding box that encloses the entire Sankey subdiagram. In this
case, those "centers" are very different because the outflows diverge
quite a bit, but the inflow doesn't diverge at all. Does that
explain what you are seeing?

  No, the labels are translated to the left (so approaching to the
center of the patch), but the rest of the layout it's getting worse.

If you want to investigate further, you could turn on a debug routine
by uncommenting a section of code that should be marked in the Sankey
class. That routine will display the base points of each path.

  i can't live without patchlabel, so i've no interest in investigating
further (and probably neither the programming skill). Anyway i think
that a solution will be to calculate the centroid of the patch and use
it as a center for the label.

Thanks for explaining and four your hints!