strange axes label things


Some time ago I installed (Debian sarge) the mpl 0.82 .debs
(by placing deb packages/ in my /etc/apt/sources.list) .

Now I wanted to make a "clean" install of mpl 0.87. So what I did was

  dpkg -l matplot
  dpkg -P <all mpl packages>

  locate matplotlib

and then removing everything found related to mpl (form various other from-source-installs).

After that I installed 0.87 as usual (python build/install).

Now testing my fresh install

  ipython -pylab

I found the xlabel not centered but on the leftmost side of the axis (I reported this earlier for 0.86.2 ...)

I remembered that I haven't had this problem if I did *not* uninstall the 0.82 .debs before installing a newer version. So I removed 0.87, re-installed my 0.82 .debs and *after* that installed 0.87 and there was the xlabel, sitting centered where it should be.

Did anyone have similar issues or has an idea as to what might cause this?? Is 0.82 writing some (config) files that 0.87 should not read but does? Thanks for any hint.



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