Still On Grid Problems...

Hello John and NG,

    >> I answered this question before at

    > Probably I did not make myself clear.

    >> In a nutshell, do not manually bind 'g' to toggle the grid.
    >> This already happens by default in matplotlib 0.72.

    > I am NOT manually binding the "g" key! I have NO
    > key_press_event on my routines. Similarly, the examples:

    > - - -

OK, I see. Sorry for the confusion. The default keybindings are made
in the backend FigureManager classes. All of the examples you
referenced embed matplotlib in a wx app. The ones that use the
FigureManagerWX (eg have the default key bindings;
the ones that don't use FigureManagerWX (eg, do
not. If you don't use the manager, you have to do the bindings you
want yourself. Eg, in

        self.canvas = FigureCanvas(self, -1, self.figure)

        def toggle_grid(event):
        self.canvas.mpl_connect('key_press_event', toggle_grid)

Hope this helps,