Stem 3d


Here is an example of how PolyCollection is converted into 3D:

Of course, stem() doesn’t create poly collections (I am actually not sure what it creates), but it is likely that art3d has a converter for it. Note, not all 2d collections and artists have converters.

Does that help?

Ben Root


On Wed, Apr 18, 2012 at 3:27 PM, José Alexandre Nalon <nalon@…166…> wrote:


Feel free to add a feature request to github. I know I already have a

long list there, but in a few weeks I should be able to hack at them

again and that list is what will help me remember what needs to be done.

Oh, and of course, patches are always welcomed! Even if it is

incomplete, I could take it as a starting point and clean it up.

Ben, thanks for your answer. I don’t have experience enough with a

project with the size of matplotlib to put my hands in it without

guidance; however, if you are willing to help me through the process,

I can try to make a patch, and I might be able to help in the future.

If you can direct me to a function you implemented that used the

approach you suggested, I will try to understand the code and

implement it. If it is good enough, I will submit a patch.

Thanks again.