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For independent reasons, I already did away with numeric limits in
_transforms.cpp a couple of weeks ago and these changes are in CVS.
If one of you would be willing to try and compile CVS against gcc
2.95.2, I would be interested to hear how it works,

I just checked out CVS: _transforms.cpp compiles fine. There were only 2 other minor things. In _backend_agg.cpp, line 880 has a typo:

<<< if (origin!="lower" and origin!="upper")

if (origin!="lower" && origin!="upper")

Also, for FreeBSD, in you need an additional entry in the basedir dict like:

    'darwin' : [os.getenv('MPLIB_BASE') or '/usr/local', '/usr', '/sw'],
+ 'freebsd4' : [os.getenv('MBLIB_BASE') or '/usr/local', '/usr'],
    'sunos5' : [os.getenv('MPLIB_BASE') or '/usr/local',],



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