spy2 + figimage

I have also tried to resize the image but the same is

    > happening. Should i reset the origin of the image
    > manually somewhere?

This bug was mentioned and fixed in the figimage code I submitted in
the earlier post. Sorry if it wasn't clear. Here is the modified
function again; replace the pytlab.py function by the same name

# the modified figimage function
def figimage(*args, **kwargs):
    # allow callers to override the hold state by passing hold=True|False
    try: ret = gcf().figimage(*args, **kwargs)
    except ValueError, msg:
        msg = raise_msg_to_str(msg)
        raise RuntimeError(msg)
    except RuntimeError, msg:
        msg = raise_msg_to_str(msg)
        raise RuntimeError(msg)
    gci._current = ret
    return ret
figimage.__doc__ = Figure.figimage.__doc__ + """
Addition kwargs: hold = [True|False] overrides default hold state"""