spy2 + figimage


I just downloaded Matplotlib 0.65 in Windows XP, Python 2.3. I just wanted to give 2 comments. First, when i try to use spy2() to plot a sparsity pattern, i get an error saying that the global name 'where' cannot be found. I can't remember if this has been mentioned in the past week. I simply solved this by adding 'where' on line 8 of axes.py:

from numerix import MLab, absolute, arange, array, asarray, ones, transpose, \
      log, log10, Float, ravel, zeros, Int32, Float64, ceil, min, indices, \
      shape, which, where

Sorry if this was a duplicate.

The second comment is about figimage(). Out of curiosity while reading the discussion entitles "Re: [Matplotlib-users] Is really matplotlib this slooow for displaying images ? (sorry again)" with Eric Emsellem, i have tried the sample script

from matplotlib.pylab import *
X = rand( 100, 100 )
figimage( X )

The window that pops up as an axes box but not plot inside. Instead, a small image (representing X i assume) is located in the top left corner of the window. This image 'overlaps' with the axes and its lower right chunk is masked by the axes. If i rerun the same script using instead

X = rand( 1600, 1600 )

as in the discussion, the all the area _outside_ of the axes is filled with the image, and there is nothing inside the axes box. Presumably, the whole image area is filled and the axes box is added next, masking part of the image.

I have also tried to resize the image but the same is happening. Should i reset the origin of the image manually somewhere?

Thanks for a great package,