Spline in Path

Dear users Matplotlib

I am new to Matplotlib and would like to know how the code below I can set the command to plot the spline instead of straight lines.

# -- Plot the reaction path
import pylab as p
fig = p.figure(1)
sp = p.subplot(1,1,1)

p.plot(range(len(Epath)), Epath, 's-')

for idx, (E,label) in enumerate(zip(Epath,PathLabels)):
    p.text(idx, E, label,

p.title('H2O disassociation')
p.ylabel('Energy [eV]')
p.xlabel('Reaction path')
p.xlim([-0.5, 2.5])
p.ylim([-0.5, 1.5])
sp.get_xaxis().set_ticks([]) # Turn off ticks on xaxis


Best Regards

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