Specifying Hex Colors in Style Sheets

According to the docs, hex RGB colors are designated thusly:

Case-insensitive hex RGB or RGBA string.

  • '#0f0f0f'
  • '#0f0f0f80'

However, I’m finding that for some reason hex color codes are ignored when specified with a hash in a style sheet, to whit: text.color: 'ff0000' works, while text:color: '#ff0000' does not.

I’ve tested some other formats [rgba, X11/CSS4, xkcd] and they all seem to work as expected. Am I being bone-headed or is this a thing?

[matplotlib 3.5.1]

EDIT: this is with respect to the text.color attribute, which I’ve reflected above. I’ll test some others to see if they display the same behavior.