SpanSelector and figure.subplots_adjust (FIXED)

I finally tracked down another flipy type bug. The TkAgg blitting
should be rock solid now.



On 11/22/05, Charlie Moad <cwmoad@...149...> wrote:

Arg! One petty thing after another. Here is a simple script
demonstrating that the last row does not render the SpanSelector, yet
the callback works fine???

import matplotlib
from matplotlib.widgets import SpanSelector
from pylab import *

s = 3
axs = [subplot(s,s,i) for i in xrange(1,s**2+1)]
def onselect(x, y): print x, y
[SpanSelector(a, onselect, 'vertical', useblit=True) for a in axs]

Any clues as to where to look for this bug? Sorry to be a hassle, but
I need this specifically to embed in a Tk only app.


On 11/19/05, John Hunter <jdhunter@...5...> wrote:

> > Awesome, thanks! Out of curiousity... did you figure
> > this out visually or by comparing with something?
> Let's just say I've encountered the flipy bug before :slight_smile: