Some notes on building from CVS

Great timing. I've just been struggling with the os x build, and had gotten
as far as the fontweight problem. A warning about X11 on 10.2.8: My Apple
X11 beta system was working perfectly, but I decided to fix it anyway and
upgrade to a newer Xfree86 X11. This causes some kind of compatibility
problem with freetype, and numerous headaches for me, not yet solved.
Attempts to back up to the Apple beta have failed. I have other ideas, but
that's not for this list.

On os x I use the fink python exclusively. The reason is that I use Vpython
which has been ported only to the fink python system. Until I "fixed" it,
everything worked perfectly smoothly. I use the fink scipy. I seem to
remember that someone has gotten the cvs compiled; check the scipy archives.

On Mandrake 10.0 cvs compiles smoothly.