Some interactive Matplotlib GUI tutorials on basic stats, possibly useful for teaching

Dear Matplotlib folks,

Those of you whose duties include teaching basic stats
might be interested in these interactive tutorial files,
designed to illustrate basic concepts.
Running the code opens up an interactive figure window,
using Matplotlib for the GUI and the plots.
When you click on a figure to add new points,
the statistical tests shown in the figure change accordingly.

The code has lots of comments in it, which attempt to explain the
concepts as explicitly as possible. No prior knowledge of Python or
statistics is assumed. These programs require the SciPy module,
in addition to Matplotlib.

The tutorials are:

The same webpage also contains Matlab versions of the scripts.
Please feel more than free to use any of the code for teaching,
if you find it useful.


Rajeev Raizada
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Neukom Institute for Computational Science
Dartmouth College
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