some explanatory text with legend

Actually, I got nice results using:
legend (title="blah blah"...)

Jae-Joon Lee wrote:

The position of the legend is determined at drawing time, so it is a
bit tricky to get it right.
I recommend you to use "annotate" instead.

ax = subplot(111)
ax.plot([1,2,3], label="u=2,p=3")
leg = ax.legend()

ann = ax.annotate("Test 2", xy=(0.5, 1.), xycoords=leg.get_frame(),
                 xytext=(0,10), textcoords="offset points",
                 va="center", ha="left",

# the zorder of ann must be higher than leg so that the position of
leg is known when ann gets drawn

See here for some more details.





On Fri, Mar 18, 2011 at 8:31 PM, Neal Becker <ndbecker2@...287...> wrote:

My legend is going to have a series of entries that look like:


I want to add some (short) text that explains what u and p are.

I'm thinking to get the coordinates of the legend box so I can then annotate?

How would I get the coordinates of the legend box? Or is there some
better/easier way to do what I want?