solution for eps figures and pdf output

Hi all,

After trying several ways around this problem, I've found a solution
that is pretty straightforward and produces nice results. The problem
I'm referring to is that when I saved my figures as encapsulated
PostScript for inclusion in a LaTeX document, the figures came out
missing certain text when the document is converted to pdf (e.g. using
dvipdf on the dvi file or ps2pdf on the ps file created using dvips).

One solution is to set the rcParams['text.usetex'] = True, but that
leads to a different font (serif) used for the numbers and for the axis
labels (there are ways around that also...) But the best way that I've
found is to save the figures as pdf and then convert them to eps by
using pdftops with the -eps flag. You do lose transparency that way,
but the figure, including text, looks good. You can also use the
convert command from the ImageMagick package to do the pdf to eps
conversion, which maintains the transparency at the cost of a worse
looking figure (bitmapped) overall.

It'd be nice to know exactly why this problem occurs in the first place.
I assume it has to do with the interaction of pdf with some fonts used
in mathtext.



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