slow plotting speed?

Also, if you provide a brief example script, along with

    > any relevant changes you have made to matplotlibrc, and
    > some detail about how long it takes to plot (maybe some
    > profiling?), we might be able to provide some more useful
    > suggestions.

A script is by far the most useful thing you can provide.

Note that there was an optimization for line marker drawing on win32
introduced in matplotlib-0.81 From the release notes:

   Fast markers on win32 The marker cache optimization is finally
   available for win32, after an agg bug was found and fixed (thanks
   Maxim!). Line marker plots should be considerably faster now on
   win32. The original optimization announcement is ay

See also



I agree with John -- matplotlib and the wxAgg backend
don't seem slow to me. For simple line drawings in
'stripchart mode', where a line is being updated as
fast as possible, I regularly get ~12 plots per second
with wxAgg and mpl 0.81+ on Windows. It's hard for me
to consider that slow, but you weren't specific about
what you were expecting.

Do the examples at

help? MPlot gives a wxPanel and wxFrame for simple line
drawings that gives GUI-controlled customization of line
color and style, etc and provides simple ways for end
users to zoom in/out, print, and saving of images. The
examples/ includes a stripchart-like plot.